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Why we Launched CBHN.

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

It was the last week of March 2020. The crushing realities of Covid-19 were beginning to take shape. I received a phone from a friend who just wanted to pray. Pray for his business. Pray for his family and pray for his walk with God. Over the next few weeks, he generated more revenue in those four weeks than in any four-week period over the previous seven years! More people wanted to connect and pray so we set up zoom calls and we haven’t stopped since. The need to cover people’s careers and businesses in 2020 grew and grew to the point where we formalized and launched Christian Business Harvest Network.

CBHN did not begin that day however. Many years ago, I was preparing to go to away for Seminary in another province. On a warm June Sunday afternoon, we were having lunch at my uncle’s home who was the Lead Pastor at the Church we were attending. As he was outlining the summer outreach and evangelism plans, I asked a simple question, “How are we going to pay for that?” I was not prepared for the collective response as many of the people in the room turned on me…

“Have you no faith?”

“God will provide!”

“He is the God of the Impossible!”

“He even paid for taxes from the mouth of a fish!”

I asked a simple question, but that question changed the trajectory of my life from that moment forward. I withdrew from Seminary, signed up for a Marketing Program and began addressing their concerns in my mind…

“Have you no faith?” Yes I do. I will show you by the fruit of my hands

“God will provide!” Yes He will! And He has provided hands, feet & minds. So, let’s put them to use!

“He is the God of the Impossible!” Yes He is! Let’s show the world what the possibilities of our God are in every arena including business.

“He even paid for taxes from the mouth of a fish!” But I don’t fish… but I do enjoy business…

CBHN exists to maximize the potential of every business-mind to generate greater revenue to pay for the vision every Church, Evangelist, Missionary, Online Ministry, Prison Ministry, Operations to save the vulnerable from poverty and sex trafficking. We may not be able to personally go and do all those things, we can provide financially support the benefit the Cause of the Kingdom.

We are Christian. It’s the over-arching banner that represents us.

We are Business. This is the arena we serve.

We are Harvesting. Helping each other sow better seed & reap more of the fruit God intends for us.

We are Networking for the glory and fame of His Name. If you want to maximize your talents and giftings, join a community of like-minded believers. We would be happy to get to know you and walk alongside your career/business growth!

Shiraz Siddique. Founder and Servant.

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