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Launching Monday nights beginning March 28!
Stay tuned for details.




Sharing our journeys from seed to harvest and everything in between lightens the load and reinforces our ability to arrive.



Faith is making known that which was once unknown and making possible that which appeared impossible. We push each other to believe in the dreams God puts in our hearts.



We believe the greatest gift we can give each other is a successful Judgement Day! Let's help each other fulfill our God-intended purposes



We pray daily for each other, that we would prosper and the seed we sow will generate fullness of the Harvests that God can provide



The iron we use to sharpen our skillset is business-oriented to help you advance in your career and make you sharper in running your business.



It rains and the sun shines on both the good and bad. Together we build the type of character to last past storms and tough times in our worklife.

CBHN is those who are passionately pursuing the fullness of what God has for their careers and businesses. It's for those who want to contribute, receive from and build a community of like-minded believers. CBHN is for those who will not settle for a form of Godliness but want to see His glory and favor shower the seeds you are sowing.

Weekly Connection

The accountability of being a part of a performing community of like-minded Believers, lifts the expectation and outcomes of everyone to a higher standard!

Real World & Real Life Application

Grounded and well thought out takeaways, based in the Bible and glean from the experience of so many others.

Personal Application

Each quarter, we’ll deep dive into your specific opportunities/challenges to draw out new ideation, generate perspectives and next steps.

Prayer Covering 

CBHN is committed to consistently praying for you (even when you can’t!). Specifically for your career/business and anything else we can walk along side of you for.

Skill Development

Access and engage with experienced business peers, experts, and guest speakers to push and sharpen our output

Ignite Your


Encouragement can evaporate, and Inspiration is fleeting.

A key responsibility for CBHN is providing constant and consistent Motivation (here is the fish) AND grow your Intrinsic Motivation (learn how to fish) to drive your goals forward.

Leadership Development

Every member will put in positions to challenge themselves at their own pace. Through charitable projects, speaking opportunities and assisting group members, grow into more of the servant-leader we are all called to.

Networking Opportunities

Your network can contribute to your net worth! Who knows what open doors are available through CBHN!

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