CBHN is a Passionate Place to Pursue Your Purpose. Through practical Business Skillset development, we endeavor to build a Christian Mindset towards harvesting the fulness of the seed God had deposited in your DNA.

We are that consistent prayer covering for you even when your daily tasks pull you in 10 different ways and we are here to push you to fulfill your purpose.​

Someone is sowing AND abundantly reaping in their work...

Are You?

Someone is pursuing the evidence and substance of their faith

that’s what CBHN is here for    to help each other on that journey!


Someone is leaning on the right guidance to make better decisions...

Are You?

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We are here to walk alongside your Business/ Career.

why we exist?

Weekly Connection

The accountability of being a part of a performing community of like-minded Believers, lifts the expectation and outcomes of everyone to a higher standard!

Real World & Real Life Application

Grounded and well thought out takeaways, based in the Bible and glean from the experience of so many others.

Personal Application

Each quarter, we’ll deep dive into your specific opportunities/challenges to draw out new ideation, generate perspectives and next steps.

Prayer Covering 

CBHN is committed to consistently praying for you (even when you can’t!). Specifically for your career/business and anything else we can walk along side of you for.

Skill Development

Access and engage with experienced business peers, experts, and guest speakers to push and sharpen our output

Ignite Your


Encouragement can evaporate, and Inspiration is fleeting.

A key responsibility for CBHN is providing constant and consistent Motivation (here is the fish) AND grow your Intrinsic Motivation (learn how to fish) to drive your goals forward.

Leadership Development

Every member will put in positions to challenge themselves at their own pace. Through charitable projects, speaking opportunities and assisting group members, grow into more of the servant-leader we are all called to.

Networking Opportunities

Your network can contribute to your net worth! Who knows what open doors are available through CBHN!



Shiraz Siddique is the Founder of Leverage Consulting where he leads a team that help businesses craft their Sales Communication to win more deals. As a Pastor, John Maxwell Certified Coach and Serial Entrepreneur, his contagious passion guides countless business owners to realize the full potential of their DNA and fulfill their God-given purposes in Business. Shiraz is a guest preacher at many Churches and is a sought after speaker in both the Corporate and Academic Space.

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Lisa provides a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of business and psychology. With a focus on helping people find purpose at work, she balances the economic and human aspects of the business.

Her passion is to create healthier, happier workplaces that people really want to work in.

As the President of Amadeus Consulting, Lisa is hands-on in managing, creating, and implementing training programs for a variety of clients. She is deeply invested in supporting others in achieving their personal and professional goals.

zamal whyte

Zamal came to Canada to Study at Macmaster more than 30 years ago and has called it home ever since. He has always purposed to seek out opportunities to serve his community. Having worked for the top financial institutions in Canada, Zamal infuses his corporate experience to assist in the development of others, the not-for-profit sector and the Church. Zamal believes that the church is a Kingdom and every kingdom needs to be self sufficient. His goal is to enhance and strengthen like-minded career professionals and entrepreneurs in the Kingdom. 

lez gomez

As a leader in Consultative Sales, Lez Gomez passionately applies his 20+ years of experience to every engagement. As a Solopreneur in the Mortgage Brokerage space, Lez completely understands and embodies the accountability required to pursue the fulness of God’s plan for his business. Lez is a mentor and leader at his local church and has significant experience leading Alpha Group sessions and Connect Groups. It’s his servant-heart that drives his involvement and his greatest joy comes from empowering others through feedback/coaching to bring out the full potential of their capabilities in business.