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3D Summit

Attendees were able to explore more what was in their core.

June 13th absolutely set them in the direction of their Destiny!


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L.J. Mitchell

Worship Director at Elevation Worship

Canada's very own L.J. Mitchell shares his story taking him from Toronto to Dubai to Calgary - ultimately joining the team rolling out a Global movement at Elevation Worship in Charlotte, North Carolina!


He'll share why his journey might be very similar to yours! He'll speak on Identity and we we all need to turn water in wine!

Hollie Taylor

Owner/Founder, Ten16 Entertainment Ltd.  

From on-air host, Artist Manager to Station Manager, Hollie's  passion for positive entertainment has spanned more than 20+ in both mainstream & Christian. Following 10.5 years as co-host of the Morning Show on 105.9 Shine FM (Edmonton, AB), she recently transitioned into the role of Station Manager for Joy Radio and Faith Strong Today (Oakville, ON).

Through Ten16 Entertainment, she actively represents International & Canadian artists to radio outlets and more. Her team has is developing The CCRC (Canadian Christian Radio Chart) to increase the tools available for Canadian Christian artists to build their brand and industry impact.

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Albert embodies his own personal mission of Insight, Diligence & Care, evidenced by serving his loyal clients for more than 35 years! He'll share how you can DEVELOP lasting relationships with authenticity and integrity.


Senior Vice President,

National Bank Financial


The CFL's reigning Most Outstanding Canadian Award Winner and former #1 Overall pick will share how his journey through the CFL and NFL has developed his God-given purposes. 

What does it take to grind in the dark when no one sees or seems to care? He'll address that mindset and how His Faith continues to keep him in the 'gym' for what's next. His principled charisma is certain to activate next steps for you!


“Do not Incubate what God did not intend for you to hatch!”


Why am I on the Planet? What is the Purpose for my life?


How do I get better at what I am better at? Where can I find guidance?


Am I ready? How will everyone respond and receive me when I step out?

The collective experiences of all our guests will speak to the core questions we all seek!


Are You ready for what God has next for You?


Co-Host, 3D SUMMIT 2021

As a Team Coach and Leadership Trainer, Lisa focuses on the juicy aspects of how things really get done – candid conversations and meaningful relationships.  She works with teams to uncover what is really holding them back, and whole-heartedly believes our workplaces need us to walk more in the Spirit to help our employees feel loved, heard and included.


Co-Host, 3D SUMMIT 2021

As a Pastor in Youth/Young Adult Ministry and a full-time Financial Planner with RBC and BMO for almost 20 years, Zamal's unique perspective activates theology with practical life-building application. He serves on many boards in the community including the Reach Out Centre for Kids and is currently the Membership Director for the Rotary Club of Mississauga Dixie.



A portion of all event proceeds will help further IJM's mission to combat slavery, violence against women and children, and other forms of abuse against people who are poor in 11 different countries. 


Director, Development and Mobilization


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