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Listen to the Radio show on Joy Radio 1250AM

Saturdays at 3 PM EST and Wednesday at 3 PM EST

CBHN Live is a Radio Podcast for those in the who want more of God's guidance as we navigate our careers and businesses. We share stories of how Business Professionals are overcoming challenges everyday as they apply and experience God's favor and direction at work! 

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Whether you're an early-career, Senior Leader or an Entrepreneur, we all need that lift, motivation and push to align our efforts with our eternal purposes.

CBHN Live is a Biblically-based broadcast that equips every listener with... 

  • Inspiration to passionately pursue the fullness of what God has for their lives. 

  • Practical application to position yourself for more than before 

  • Ways to generate greater fruit - Make your work work!

  • A challenging message to never settle for a form of Godliness but generate the faith that pleases and releases God's favor & direction for your career/business! 

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Missed the show this past Saturday?